Hurricane Matthew is even more scary when you see this picture that appears a face


On Tuesday morning hours, Hurricane Matthew was making its way over western Haiti when senior meteorologist Stu Ostro saw something in the satellite pictures which was almost as terrifying as the storm itself.

He noticed a face showing within the tropical cyclone. It looks a bit like the scary, beaming profile of a head.

Even without the creepy graphics, Hurricane Matthew is actually terrifying on its own. It’s the first tropical storm to reach Category 5 since 2007, with continual wind of 130 mph. It’s also triggered torrents of rainfall in Jamaica.

WINK Morning hours meteorologist Matt Devitt also identified the picture while trying to do his weather cast.

The storm reached Cuba on Tuesday, with some areas being penetrated with massive 24-foot waves. Dozens of houses were damaged in Cuba’s most eastern city Baracoa.

The storm has calmed a little bit since then, being reduced to a Category 3, but it is set to reach Florida by Thursday evening.

Hurricane Matthew remaining Haiti, making it in complete disaster. At least 5 people have passed away due to result of the storm, a bridge was damaged, and phone communication was completely cut off from the places it hit.